TRAINING OUTLINE (Federal Employment for Military Veterans)
Texas Veterans Commission (TVC), Sunrise Resource Center
OBJECTIVE: Veteran will learn how to successfully master the federal application.
What You Will Learn in this Workshop:
 Why work for the federal government?
 How to find federal jobs
 What is veteran’s preference and veteran’s hiring authority?
 How to determine you are applying for the right positions and at the right grade or salary level
 How to understand federal vacancy announcements
 How to write a proper federal resume
 How to upload required supporting documents
 How to use USAJOBS & Application Manager
 How to track and follow up on your application
• Opening Remarks
• Why Work For The Federal Government?
• How Is The Federal Government Structured
• What Is The Best Path For You?
– Competitive
– Excepted Service
– Senior Executive Service
• What Are Hiring Authorities?
– Veterans Hiring Authority
• What Is Veterans Preference And How To I Use It?
• How Do I Determine If You Are Applying For The Right Job At The Right Grade/Salary Level.
• USAJOBS Computer Lab
– User ID’s And Passwords
– Elements Of USAJOBS
– Understanding Federal Vacancy Announcement
– How To Find The Jobs
– How To Apply To Jobs Using Resume And Application Manager
– How To Track And Follow Up On Your Application